Knowing yourself

Know yourself

When we like, love, follow something, we just find that ourselves one part, one thought, one wish which we have desired into that and we starts acting on it.
We like book….Why? The book Author made possible his thoughts into word which you already have but not able to express it in words. In that way Writer is adorable..
We Love someone…Why? The Person you love makes you do all possible things to get it…which you never do when you are alone…In that way that person is really Lovable…
We follow something…Why? The person you follow has same ideas, principle but he acts on it..where you’re afraid of doing that before and you need someone to follow…In that way that person is the real Leader

I don’t say you should not like, love or follow …but besides that starts acting on things which you have so other will starts liking, loving and following you…Vaibhav Potdar

know yourself

Know yourself


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